Many local Dandaragan residents will be familiar with Misty, the Western Grey kangaroo and her in-pouch joey (named Boyng).  Misty has been a regular site around the townsite, visiting various shops for her tit-bits, raiding veggie gardens, helping herself to fruit from back garden tables, and she has even been known to visit the school!

Misty came into the care of local Kathy Forward approximately 3 years’ ago, when she was a tiny joey weighing around just 1kg.    Kathy hand-reared Misty and bottle fed her, with the loving assistance of her Jack Russell, Rosie, who loved to lick Misty clean after her bottle.   What a duo!

Sadly, Kathy and her family are selling their home in Dandaragan with a view to moving to Dwellingup, which raised the problem of “what to do with Misty”.  Apart from Misty’s somewhat unusual diet, it had become apparent that once Misty’s joey started coming out of the pouch, this could create some problems, as experience has shown that although a hand-reared kangaroo will remain “humanised”, their off-spring will more than likely remain wild and unapproachable.    So it would no longer be safe for Misty and her baby to hang around on street corners, keeping an ever weary eye open for vehicles and predators.

Kathy’s friend Kylie, who had previously brought a joey to Loveland for Wildlife in Jurien Bay, phoned the team at Loveland for Wildlife to see if they could assist in relocating Misty to a safe haven.

The result – on Wednesday 25th August, Misty and Boyng were safely transported to Kenandra, the soft release site for Loveland for Wildlife, approximately 15kms inland from Jurien Bay.  Ken and Sandy Loveland’s property consists of 760 acres, with the Hill River forming the Eastern Boundary, the Hill River Nature Reserve adjoining the Northern boundary, and natural springs providing year-round water for the wildlife.   Misty will remain in a huge pre-release pen with her joey, and on 16th September, 5 more Western Grey Kangaroos, all around 2 years of age, and also hand-reared, will be transported to Kenandra, where they will become Misty’s new family (or Mob in kangaroo language).      They will all be released after a few weeks to infiltrate the already happy gang at Loveland for Wildlife.

Sincere thanks must be acknowledged to the staff at Dandaragan Vet, especially to Vet Nurse Megan Creagh, who travelled to Jurien with Kathy and Misty and Kathy’s son, John, who was also on hand to see that Misty and Boyng arrived safely.

We are sure that Misty (and Kathy and her family) will be sadly missed around Dandaragan, but we know that she will enjoy a happy, safe and peaceful life at Kenandra and hopefully produce many healthy little joeys.

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