Held at 11.30am on Sunday 9th August 2020

At 803 Munbinea Road, Hill River

WELCOME:  President/Chairperson Sheryl Wilson

PRESENT:  Ken Loveland, Sheryl Wilson, Pat Howell, Kerry Howell, Yvonne Price, Sue Anderson, Rita Stephenson, Anthony Stephenson

APOLOGIES:  Natasha Stephenson


Previous Minutes of  meeting held 2nd February 2020 to be accepted as read.

Moved: Kerry Howe

Seconded: Sue Anderson



  1. Ongoing issue of new Licence fees and rules – covered in President’s Report
  2. Ongoing issue of lack of assistance from Parks & Wildlife Officer in Jurien – Sheryl had to door-knock on a Sunday to find a person with a licenced gun to euthenase a large male kangaroo, as Wildlife Officer will not give out his personal after hours phone number
  3. Introduction of a levy to be paid by all members to supplement bank account – has not been addressed, due to receipt of WIRES Grant and also fact that Ken and Sheryl would like to “wind down” LFW
  4. Tronox Grant – not persued due to WIRES Grant
  5. Easter Raffle – was cancelled due to COVID 19 virus
  6. Donation tin at IGA – no vacancies ATM
  7. Donation Tin at Cray Shack – not persued due to COVID 19 virus – suggest do not persue


  1. Email from Consumer Protection (Associations and Charities Branch) advising changes for WA licence holders.    Numerous benefits with introduction of continuous licences with no expiry dates – email available to read.




Balance as at 1st January 2020                    $1,751.72

Total Income                                             $10,639.29

Less Expenditure                                         $7,481.43

Balance as at 9th August 2020                    $4,909.58

Moved: Anthony Stephenson that the financial statement be accepted as tabled

Seconded: Kerry Howe




Thank you to everyone for attending today.  It is good to see a full house of Committee Members.

As usual, a lot of behind the scenes stuff has been happening, mainly on the wildlife side, and the continuing saga of new Licencing requirements for Wildlife organisations.  Our best news, of course, was the WIRES grant which LFW received in April, for $10,000.   The only limitation on this Grant was that it had to be dispersed within 3 months.  To this end, we have allocated funds for fuel, food, and vets/medications as per the attached schedule.   We have purchased Caltex/Ampol fuel cards to the value of $700, which have been given to myself, Ken, Rita, and our new carer in Nilgen (Michelle), to cover fuel costs in regard to rescue and/or transportation of wildlife.  We have credited our accounts at Pet Stock in Belmont, where we purchase muesli for the sanctuary, and also Wheatbelt Vet Services in Jurien, and Drovers Vet on Burns Beach Road, to cover vet costs and medications.

You are all probably aware that I had another bad fall in April, and broke my pelvis and left arm, so I was out of action for several weeks.  I did have a little pinkie joey in care at the time, and Sue Rose from Little Bluebush Wildlife Rehabilitation kindly took baby Sam for me.   I have seen recent pictures of Sam, and he is doing well.   That organisation also took a Euro joey from me, as the little female came from Three Springs, so was relocated back to that area.  Unfortunately, Sue has indicated that they cannot take any more joeys from me in the future, due to large admissions of their own in the Coorow/Latham/Moora areas.  Despite my ongoing injuries, I have had 19 admissions since our last meeting in February, with all of the joeys (with the exception of one little pinkie still in my care), being handed on to another carer in Manjimup.    Since writing this report, sadly the little pinkie in my care passed away on Tuesday afternoon.   The WIRES money has been a great help in paying for fuel costs, as I have done 3 large trips to Bunbury, Boddington, and Mandurah, with joeys for transfer.     WA Seabird Rescue have also taken 3 seabirds.

Referring to the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (formerly Parks and Wildlife) new laws for Wildlife is interesting that LFW have had absolutely no communication whatsoever from the Department in regard to these new laws and fees, which will come into effect from 1st July 2021.   All of our knowledge has been acquired by word of mouth, or by asking questions.   I am handing around a copy of the “Application for Fauna Possessing (Other Purpose) Licence”.   As you can see, it is highly involved and complex, with written procedures and training of staff, also needing to be addressed.   Ken and myself are closer to 70 than 60 years old, and with both of our on-going medical and accident-related problems, we are keen to retire.   The new requirements and standards for wildlife carers has only added credence to our decision not to apply for our wildlife licence, either individually or on behalf of LFW.  

To this end, we understand that members of the public (which we will now be known as), are allowed to hold wildlife for a maximum period of 72 hours, before requiring to be handed on to a registered organisation.   This “rule” will also be applicable to Aboriginal persons – although allowed to shoot wildlife for food, they are not allowed to keep wildlife (e.g.  joeys) in their care for more than 72 hours, before being handed to a Parks & Wildlife Office, Vet, or a registered wildlife carer.     The Jurien Vet has already indicated that she does not have the man-power to transfer wildlife to other locations, so I have volunteered to provide transport for injured wildlife to a registered carer.   As a “member of the public”, I can then legally hold that animal for up to 72 hours to triage, assess and stabilise, before handing on to a registered wildlife carer.    To this end, I have 2 registered carers who have indicated that they can take animals from me.   Unfortunately, these carers are located down south, so our fuel cards will come in very handy.

I have no doubt that local residents who know me as a Wildlife Carer, will continue to seek my services.  Having a good rapport with numerous other wildlife organisations, I will be able to hand on any wildlife to suitably qualified and registered carers, thus abiding by the 72 hour “rule”.

By keeping a low profile, we hope that we can maintain the Sanctuary just as a Sanctuary, with our wildlife attracting Air BnB customers, which in turn, brings in donations.   Should any problems arise in the future in this regard, then we will address these as they arise.

In the meantime, Ken and myself would like to thank you all for your continued support, and hope that you will remain as valued Committee members of Loveland for Wildlife Inc.

Sheryl Wilson



  1. WIRES GRANT was initially part of the aftermath of the Eastern States bushfires, but funding was also offered to properties in drought conditions.   This July was lowest rainfall  being 40ml which was the worst recorded at LFW Sanctuary in 20 years.
  2. WEBSITE & FACEBOOK: It was Moved Sheryl Wilson that we close LFW Website and Facebook  as not relevant at this stage. A discussion ensued, and it was decided that we close the LFW Facebook, and completely revamp the website, to make it more relevant to our plans and aspirations at the moment. Training Funds from DSS to be used to train Sheryl and Ken in the use of the website so that it does not remain static.
  3. OUTDOOR 960P WIRELESS IP CAMERA: as part of the revamp of our website it was decided to sell the remote camera that formed part of the interactive comings and goings of the feeding stations when the website was first set up. As we now have no need for this extra asset, it will be advertised for sale and proceeds returned to LFW bank account.
  4.  RELEASE SITES Kerry Howe suggested we seek out and approach the Emu Downs Windfarm landowner, to see if he/she would be prepared to release orphaned kangaroos on their land. Discussion ensued and it was decided not to proceed due to the fact that we are now offloading all orphaned joeys to further south of us and that most of those carers would not hard release onto a strange property. Our only new carer in Nilgen near Lancelin, Michelle Johnson, has access to a release site at the rear of her property and therefore the Wind farm site would not be suitable.
  5. ZOONOTIC DISEASE – Q FEVER & VOLUNTEERS: As part of revamp of the website it was decided that we need to put in a article about the dangers of working in and around Kangaroos (especially at the LFW Sanctuary) As Sheryl and her husband Barry as well as Ken and Trevor, all contracted this debilitating disease from volunteer work. It was decided that anyone wanting to volunteer at the sanctuary in the future will be required to have a blood test for q fever, and if negative, that they also arrange to have the vaccine to prevent them contracting it. For the Committee’s knowledge of this mostly unknown disease, here are is a few of the side effects of contracting Q fever.
  6. Encephalitis – Brain Infection
  7. Endocarditis – The inflammation of the inner membrane of the heart which can severely affect the heart valve.
  8. Fatigue syndrome – Extreme fatigue.
  9. Infection of the retina.
  10. Liver Damage – liver damage may progress to hepatitis.
  11. Menangitis – The inflammation of the membrane around the brain and spinal cord.
  12. Osteomyelitis – Bone infection.
  13. Pnuemonia – The lungs may be infected because of a lack of oxygen. This can cause respiratory problems.
  14. Pregnancy related health issues – A pregnant woman with q fever is at risk of the following : low birth weight, miscarriage, premature birth, or stillbirth.

Q fever with severe complications can end up in death!

There being no further business the meeting was closed for lunch at 12.40pm

Next meeting:  on date to be advised