A Great Success

As Sunday 28th February dawned, the last day of Summer was going to be a scorcher!

Approximately 40 wildlife enthusiasts braved the searing conditions to share a unique evening at Kenandra, where the “locals” (kangaroos) turned up in all their glory for all to enjoy.

The children were enthralled to be able to nurse and cuddle hand-reared joeys and to feed bottles of milk and containers of special kangaroo food to the babies.  And even the adults enjoyed the antics of Crackers, our resident long-billed corella, and the many kangaroos who have been hand-reared, successfully rehabilitated and now released to enjoy the beauty of the wild, whilst at the same time, being free to continue human interaction.

TJ, our resident Matriarch, turned up with her joey, BJ, and being the camera-hog that she is, posed while feeding BJ.  (TJ also has another brand new joey in her pouch.)   Some of the other locals preferred to “play dead” and did not know what all the fuss was about.


After feeding the joeys, we all enjoyed a hearty bush BBQ.

Some patrons joined as new members, and will go into our free draw to win a tandem parachute jump, to be drawn at the Easter Fair.    Our raffle for the evening (a $30 Jenz Blendz Voucher), was won by Caroline Salmon.

We would like to thank all those attended, thus braving the very hot conditions.  We would also like to thank Kim & Alison from IGA, Andrew & Irene from Jurien Bay Butcher, and Jen from Jenz Blendz for their kind donations of food and raffle prize, which undoubtedly, contributed to a very enjoyable evening.

Sheryl Wilson – Secretary