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Getting specialist care as quickly as possible greatly increases the animal's chances of survival.


Loveland for Wildlife

Photo by Jason G Harris

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Loveland for Wildlife President, Sheryl Wilson, is happy to advise that our organisation is now working in conjunction with a newly formed Wildlife Group, Marsupial Mammas and Pappas Inc. based in Toodyay.

We have been releasing rehabilitated kangaroos at our Munbinea Road Sanctuary for 16 years, and given the number of joeys born since 2007 and future generations, we believe that the property cannot viably sustain any new releases.

Marsupial Mammas and Pappas have over 75 members, with a number of wildlife carers and release sites for any wildlife coming into care.   To this end, Loveland for Wildlife will continue to provide assessment, triage, and vet assistance, for wildlife admissions, and once the animal has been stabilised,  we will then transport to a carer within the Marsupial Mammas and Pappas network for final rehabilitation and release.

Since inception, our work has relied soley on membership fees, grants, donations and the dedication of our wildlife carers, to ensure the best outcome for sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.

Following the catastrophic bushfires over East in 2020 and the ongoing drought conditions throughout Australia, LFW were lucky enough to acquire a $10,000 grant from WIRES, Australia’s largest wildlife network organisation.   This grant money was allocated to feed, fuel costs, milk formula, vet bills and medications.  Jurien Bay is now very fortunate to have a full-time vet, and with the large number of wildlife admissions since the beginning of 2020, many have come in with horrific injuries, requiring extensive X-rays, treatment and medications, and in lots of cases, euthanasia has been required.   Sincere thanks to Hannah and staff at Wheatbelt Vet Services for their compassion and assistance with wildlife.   Naturally, vet costs and medications do not come cheap, and all of our allocated grant money for these costs has now been used up.  Without on-going funds, carers will be required to pay these costs out of their own pocket.

Please support our donation tins located around Jurien Bay, as it is these contributions which will provide on-going funding for medical costs and medications.

Loveland for Wildlife Inc was incorporated on 30th November 2007.   Since then, our Wildlife Carers have successfully rehabilitated and released hundreds of animals, many of whom are now permanent residents at our Sanctuary.   In conjunction with our newly formed alliance, we will continue to provide the best possible care for wildlife coming into care, ensuring the survival of our unique and beautiful wildlife for generations to come.